Juniper vMX Trial - fake news?

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Mon Mar 14 18:36:56 UTC 2022

cRPD is a pretty nifty product as well. Some interesting little tricks you
can do with that.

(Although I don't think they free trial that, those licenses are quite
reasonable as well. )

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> On Mon, Mar 14, 2022 at 1:23 PM Daryl G. Jurbala <daryl at>
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>> The last time I worked with vMX was several years ago.  The image was
>> outdated to the point of having to fire up an older version of VMWare to
>> export the two VMs so I could import them back into 6.  The
>> documentation barely existed.  I had to figure out which vmware adapters
>> corresponded to which vMX adapters.  No one really seemed to be able to
>> help at Juniper, even though we ended up licensing the things so we were
>> "real" customers of this product.
>> It looked a lot lot an abandoned project.  So unless something has
>> changed in the last few years it's not looking good.
> Interesting. I haven't had an opportunity to try vMX because of its lack
> of Hyper-V support, but we do run vSRX in production quite a bit including
> junos versions from 17.x up to 21.x. It's kind of janky on Hyper-V but
> works overall (the main issue being very very long boot times - 15+ minutes
> to get up and running), but we also run it on KVM on Linux with the "vSRX3"
> images, and that works a lot better. The vSRX3 images on KVM, I personally
> haven't run into any issues with. The licensing costs are pretty
> reasonable, too, imho.
> Good luck with what you're trying to accomplish: maybe give the vSRX
> series a shot if you're running on KVM.
>  - mdh
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