Not Making Use of 240/4 NetBlock

John Levine johnl at
Sun Mar 13 17:54:39 UTC 2022

It appears that Joe Maimon <jmaimon at> said:
>Saku Ytti wrote:
>> What if many/most large CDN, cloud, tier1 would commonly announce a 
>> plan to drop all IPv4 at their edge 20 years from now? How would that 
>> change our work? What would we stop doing and what would we start doing? 
>I cant see how it would change or do anything IPv6-related for myself 
>for at least 19 years. And I suspect most others would fall somewhere 
>between that and never.

Yet the four largest cable networks and all of the mobile networks in the
US have had full IPv6 support for years as do AWS, Google, Azure, Digital
Ocean, Linode, and many other hosting providers.

Could you explain what "most" means where you are?


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