Making Use of 240/4 NetBlock

Joe Maimon jmaimon at
Sun Mar 13 09:21:20 UTC 2022

> Because it is a single Internet, and what we do in some parts of Internet will affect others?
> Because, at least in my case, I'm investing my efforts in what it seems to be the best in the long-term for the global community, not my personal preferences?

Improving IPv6? Keep up the good work and thank you.

Protesting IPv4 efforts? Not very altruistic, more like you are 
motivated by various deep-seated emotional responses to the continuation 
of the IPv4 internet.

> El 12/3/22 9:10, "William Herrin" <bill at> escribió:
>      Why are so many otherwise smart engineers so vulnerable to false
>      dilemma style fallacies? There's no "either/or" here. It's not a zero
>      sum game. If you don't see value in doing more with IPv4 then why
>      don't you get out of the way of folks who do?
>      Regards,
>      Bill Herrin

The true dilemma is that any amelioration of IPv4 scarcity may indeed 
contribute to further delaying mass global IPv6 adoption, regardless of 
whose effort and time is involved.

And I find advocating for that to be wrong and perhaps to some extent, 
immoral. Unlikely to be productive. And potentially counter-productive.


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