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John Covici covici at ccs.covici.com
Fri Mar 11 21:11:00 UTC 2022

Verizon does not support ipv6 as far as I know, I have fios and they
said it was not supported.

On Fri, 11 Mar 2022 15:20:48 -0500,
John Levine wrote:
> It appears that Joe Maimon <jmaimon at jmaimon.com> said:
> >higher penetration of native v6, I would restate that a bit more 
> >conservatively as
> >
> >Google's statistics are likely a fair barometer for USA usage in the 
> >large content provider arena which have a strong mobile representation.
> AT&T, Comcast, and Charter/Spectrum, the three largest cable companies, have IPv6
> support.  I expect a lot of Google searches and Gmail messages come from them, too.
> I think it's more accurate to say that large networks have looked at the
> costs and implemented IPv6.  Small networks, many of which have no need
> to expand beyond their existing IPv4 allocations, largely have not.
> Of course, there are a lot more small networks than large ones, even though
> they don't necessarily represent many users, so guess who we hear from?
> R"s,
> John

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