V6 still not supported (was Re: CC: s to Non List Members, (was Re: 202203080924.AYC Re: 202203071610.AYC Re: Making Use of 240/4, NetBlock))

Abraham Y. Chen aychen at avinta.com
Fri Mar 11 15:15:08 UTC 2022

Dear Ca By:

1)    It appears that you are reading the Google graph too 
optimistically, or incorrectly. That is, the highest peaks of the graph 
are about 38%. The average of the graph is about 36%. Citing "over 40%" 
from these is a gross exaggeration. In fact, the peaks were reached on 
weekends and holidays due to more residential usage, you can clearly see 
such by zooming into the graph. In addition, the graph has been 
exhibiting an asymptomatic trend ever since a few years back. The 
COVID-19 pushed this graph up a bit due to the lock-down and 
work-from-home factors. Below was an analysis pre-pandemic:


2)    Since Google is one of the stronger IPv6 promoters, usage of IPv6 
outside of the Google domain can only be lower, by simple logic deduction.


Abe (2022-03-11 10:11)

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On Wed, Mar 9, 2022 at 11:56 PM Saku Ytti<saku at ytti.fi>  wrote:

> On Wed, 9 Mar 2022 at 21:00, Joe Greco<jgreco at ns.sol.net>  wrote:
>> I really never thought it'd be 2022 and my networks would be still
>> heavily v4.  Mind boggling.
> Same. And if we don't voluntarily agree to do something to it, it'll
> be the same in 2042, we fucked up and those who come after us pay the
> price of the insane amount of work and cost dual stack causes.
> It is solvable, easily and cheaply, like most problems (energy,
> climate), but not when so many poor leaders participate in decision
> making.
> --
>    ++ytti

Ah, the quarterly ipv6 thread? where i remind you all? most of the USA is
on ipv6 (all your smartphone, many of your home router, a growing amount of
your clouds [i see you aws])


Google sees over 40% of their users on ipv6, with superior latency


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