Re udp port overload on ipv4 (was Re: V6 still not supported)

Dave Taht dave.taht at
Thu Mar 10 19:41:50 UTC 2022

I am deeply concerned by the onrushing move to udp for QUIC, with udp
the former province of voip, gaming, request/response and
videoconferencing traffic. I certainly see natted udp ports get used
up rapidly by various tools, and also see timeouts for reuse often
below 30sec.

IMHO, QUIC should also one day become its own protocol number also,
and with the 64 bit identifier seems plausible to nat thoroughly. One
day all of google
could anycast just for quic traffic and retire other ip addresses.

UDPLite is also easily nat-able and widely available. It's original
use case is now gone, but it would be straightforward to just treat it
as another UDP.

Lastly, if we were to look at using up some more protocol space in the
next 20 years, adding 16 or more udp-like protocols would extend
things also.

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