The role of Internet governance in sanctions

Bill Woodcock woody at
Thu Mar 10 08:18:34 UTC 2022

I very much thank all of you who participated in this drafting effort, and I’m really happy that the document is out:

Now we can focus on operationalization.  Mailing list, web site, etc. are in the process of being set up.

The goal is to have a minimal, lightweight mechanism with BGP and RPZ feeds that networks can voluntarily subscribe to.  99% of the time, they’d be empty.  Occasionally, when the Internet community believes that a military or propaganda agency is problematic enough to be worth sanctioning, IPs and domains would be added to the feed. The mechanism is exactly the same as is currently used for blackholing abuse IPs and domains, so doesn’t take anything new on the subscribing network’s side, just one more feed.

We’re anticipating that debate over what goes into the list will only happen very occasionally, and the discussion list will be quiet the rest of the time.  A lot like NSP-Sec and Outages.  And there’ll probably be a lot of overlap with those groups.  All are welcome, look for an announcement in a few more days.



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