V6 still not supported

Seth Mattinen sethm at rollernet.us
Wed Mar 9 21:58:13 UTC 2022

On 3/9/22 12:01 PM, Jay Hennigan wrote:
> It's not just equipment vendors, it's ISPs. Here in Oregon, Frontier was 
> recently acquired by Ziply. They're doing massive infrastructure work 
> and recently started offering symmetrical gigabit FTTH. This is a brand 
> new greenfield PON deployment. No IPv6. It took being transferred three 
> times to reach a person who even knew what it was.
> Likewise the Wave Broadband cable operator. No IPv6, no plans for it.

The big guys in my area - Charter and AT&T - can do IPv6.

But I understand that not every ISP has the talent to deploy IPv6. A lot 
of people simply refuse to learn new things as they get older. The 
smaller the company gets it can go either way: steadfast refusal to 
learn new things, or jumps at the chance to learn something new. The 
former will try to say customers don't want it or no business case to 
hide their knowledge gap.

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