Making Use of 240/4 NetBlock

David Conrad drc at
Wed Mar 9 19:53:43 UTC 2022


On Mar 9, 2022, at 10:48 AM, John Kristoff <jtk at> wrote:
> Isn't this essentially the same thing as the DNS name collision problem
> ICANN has been studying and discussing?

Not really (IMHO).  As mentioned to Mr. Levine, what ICANN is concerned about is really the security/stability implications of delegating previously undelegated but otherwise unconstrained name space, not name space that has been designated with “for future use” status.  That designation has resulted in code that prohibits its use and to make use of 240/4, the code has to be fixed.  The name collision problem ICANN is studying is the result of traffic hitting the root for names like CORP and HOME. As far as I know (which isn’t very far), 240/4 isn’t sourcing or sinking significant traffic on the Internet.


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