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Tom Hill tom at
Wed Mar 9 17:01:40 UTC 2022

On 09/03/2022 00:25, Tom Beecher wrote:
> The only way IPv6 will ever be ubiquitous is if there comes a time where 
> there is some forcing event that requires it to be.

In about two years time, IPv4 addresses will be worth on the order of 
$100/IP, assuming current trends hold.

That's a lot of revenue in leasing IPv4 to the business customers that 
refuse to think about IPv6 because $reason.

It's also a lot of unit cost to add to a consumer-grade service, where 
your margins are distastefully thin already (well, in some markets) and 
set to get thinner when you need to buy a swathe of CGNAT boxes to keep 
routing IPv4.

Even at todays's dollar price, this dilemma holds true, but I largely 
suspect that there are too few fixed-line ISPs that have been forced 
into CGNAT yet - the more that are, the more will wonder why they're 
buying so many of them.


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