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Edvinas Kairys at
Wed Mar 9 10:29:35 UTC 2022


We've introduced Cogent network in Equinix Honk Kong DC. But seems via that
link we're just receiving just only 5% of our traffic, other part of
incoming traffic is received via our other ISPs like NTT, Simcentrc, and
Equinix IXP.
I know it's very naïve to expect the traffic load balance equally between 3
ISPs (4 if IXP is counted) using just one /24 subnet. According to most of
BGP looking glasses in Asia, traffic via Cogent is least preferred even
when i've added 6x prepend AS on our other mentioned providers to make
route via Cogent more attractive. But nothing helps - seems main providers
in Asia made routes via Cogent least preferable by lowering the local
preference to it, that why prepending from our side doesn't help.

Maybe someone has experience or similar problems with ISPs in Asia network ?
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