off-topic: net-sec presentations (routing, DNS, and DoS)

Amir Herzberg amir.lists at
Tue Mar 8 02:01:05 UTC 2022

Hi NANOGers, I've updated my DoS presentation - will begin teaching this
topic tomorrow. It's in my website, together with the other
network-security presentations I gave this term, mainly DNS and routing
security; there are few more topics I'll cover this term, to be added soon.
And, of course, there's also my `applied intro to crypto' and related

Anybody interested and/or willing to provide constructive feedback
is always welcome - and feedback (even less constructive :) ) is
highly appreciated. However, please send me directly, this is off-topic
enough and nanog isn't the forum to discuss. Unless there's something you
really think of interest to the entire community, of course.

Peace (hopefully, in Ukraine too), Amir
Amir Herzberg

Comcast professor of Security Innovations, Computer Science and
Engineering, University of Connecticut
`Applied Introduction to Cryptography' textbook and lectures:
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