Russia to disconnect from global Internet

Bill Woodcock woody at
Sun Mar 6 22:49:54 UTC 2022

>> According to Nexta (Belorussian media outlet: , ) Russia has begun active preparations to disconnection from the global Internet.
>> No later than March 11, all servers and domains must be transferred to the Russian zone. In addition, detailed data on the network infrastructure of the sites is being collected.
>> Source:

This is a complete misrepresentation of the Russian text.

This is equivalent to Einstein.  And apparently equally successful and quick.

This applies exclusively to Russian federal government networks, not ISPs or telecom operators.  It’s just trying to get them to document and harmonize their practices isn perfectly reasonable ways, and meet some minimum levels of security and “strategic autonomy,” as the EU is calling it.  And everything it says has been the law since 2019 anyway.

If I were the administrator in charge of getting government agency IT folks to clean up their work, I’d sure as hell jump on this opportunity to remind them that they’re three years overdue, too.


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