RU evidently hijacked UA netblock

Scott Weeks surfer at
Sat Mar 5 02:46:47 UTC 2022

--- jay at wrote:
On 3/4/22 18:03, Scott Weeks wrote:

> It looks like a 'too many' AS prepends, but it is only 250 prepends.

In most reasonable scenarios I'd say that this qualifies as too many.

Yeah, technically, but it was not 256 or something where I'd expect an issue to happen.  Just curious as to why only that ASN caused the buffer overflow messages as I got them from no other AS ever and wondered if anyone else has seen them.  Other ASNs almost certainly have sent 250+ prepends to me before, but they did not cause the overflow.  Like I said, I have a ticket open because I am curious:

BGP-WARNING-tBgp4RouteInvalid-2007 <stuff> Route invalid reason - Cannot add/prepend AS-path.  Buffer overflow\nNRLI - <prefix>  where prefixes are several and different lengths.

Probably nothing, but I always look into stuff I see in the syslog server's router.log.


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