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Fri Mar 4 16:48:41 UTC 2022

*Do the Wrong Thing! w/ Keynote Radia Perlman   *

*Watch or rewatch: *brilliant Internet pioneer Radia Perlman lights up our
NANOG 84 Keynote stage with her presentation: *Do the Wrong Thing! How Bad
Industry Decisions Led to Good Technology Development.*

*More info: *This presentation describes some technical decisions that the
industry made that, although clearly “wrong”, wound up causing technologies
to be invented that are quite wonderful.

Radia presses the audience to not ask, “how can I use this thing?” But,
instead “what problem am I solving, what are various ways of solving it,
and which technical approach is the best?”


*PC Picks: Best of NANOG 84*
*Programming Committee Picks Favorite Talks from our Last Meeting*

Want to catch up on all the NANOG 84 talks, but don't know where to start?
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The full webcast of our last meeting is available in the "NANOG 84 playlist"
on our YouTube channel.

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content is released! Enjoy hours of insights from some of the brightest
minds in network engineering, operations, + architecture.

A huge thank you to host sponsor Quantum Loophole,
as well as, all sponsors,
<https://www.nanog.org/events/nanog-84/our-sponsors/> attendees, Hackathon
participants + speakers.

We truly appreciate your time and energy in helping us build the Internet
of tomorrow.
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