Anyone have contacts for Akamai GeoIP

Christopher Munz-Michielin christopher at
Thu Mar 3 00:02:53 UTC 2022

Hey All,

Hoping someone has a contact at Akamai who can assist.

As part of my day job I run a DNS network and we've been having issues 
with Akamai mis-locating the geolocation of some of our revolvers.  The 
most egregious example is our resolver in Frankfurt being classified as 
Australian, but there are some other instances as well.

This is an issue because we run fully recursive revolvers, so when a 
customer queries our DNS server, we attempt to resolve the domain 
directly against the authoritative name servers (Akamai in this case).  
Because Akamai has mis-located our IPs, we get handed an IP in the wrong 
hemisphere and our customers experience 200+ ms latency to sites that 
should be regional.

We've tried reaching out via a couple of channels but have not gotten 
anything back, wondering if anyone on the list knows a contact address 
for Akamai GeoIP we can submit corrections to.


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