Starlink terminals deployed in Ukraine

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Tue Mar 1 18:41:36 UTC 2022

This is more of a brand image / marketing stunt for Starlink. A pretty
ingenious way to market which will heavily pay off long term. To them, this
is cheap for how much attention it’s getting them.


On Tue, Mar 1, 2022 at 6:36 PM Crist Clark <cjc+nanog at> wrote:

> So they’re going to offer the service to anyone in a denied area for free
> somehow? How do you send someone a bill or how do they pay it if you can’t
> do business in the country?
> On Mon, Feb 28, 2022 at 4:39 PM Jay Hennigan <jay at> wrote:
>> On 2/28/22 16:17, Michael Thomas wrote:
>> > As a practical matter how does this help? You need to have base
>> > stations/dishes, right? Can they be beefy ones that can pump out
>> > gigabytes that would be capable of backfilling the load? Or would it
>> > need to be multiple in parallel? Wouldn't that bandwidth be constrained
>> > by the number of visible satellites in the constellation? I wonder if
>> > they've ever even tested it with feeding into an internet facing
>> router.
>> > Could tables on the satellites explode?
>> If there aren't fixed Internet-connected earth stations line-of-sight to
>> the satellite that's serving the remote terminal, Starlink will relay
>> satellite-to-satellite until a path to an Internet-connected earth
>> station is in reach.
>>  From the linked article:
>> "Musk has previously stressed Starlink’s flexibility of Starlink in
>> providing internet service. In September, Musk talked about how the
>> company would use links between the satellites to create a network that
>> could provide service even in countries that prohibit SpaceX from
>> installing ground infrastructure for distribution.
>> As for government regulators who want to block Starlink from using that
>> capability, Musk had a simple answer.
>> “They can shake their fist at the sky,” Musk said."
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