HE.net and BGP Communities

Brian Turnbow b.turnbow at twt.it
Mon Jul 25 15:19:34 UTC 2022


>I do understand the reasoning behind preferring customer routes.   However in the case where a customer of a customer also connects to you directly via peering doesn't it make sense to prefer the direct connection?  or at >least not prefer the customer learned routes.

Business not technical. Fill up the bandwidth and they will buy more!!

>In our situation, we were buying transit, heavily prepended, from a provider on a tiny circuit.   The purpose of the transit was related to another service we were acquiring from that provider and wasn't about the transit, but >the  transit was needed for the service to work reliably.   Unfortunately this provider was also a HE customer and so we now had all of the HE traffic coming down this tiny link, since all of our other transit providers and >ourselves only peered with HE.

>I don't remember why,  but we couldn't have the transit provider not announce our routes toward HE, so we ended up doing the announce more specifics everywhere else thing.   Which I hate doing on so many levels. 

>Thus the desire for a community to tell HE that although they learned this route from a customer, it is not a customer route.

You can use communities to set the local preference with HE.
This should do the trick 
  6730:0008       set local pref to 64   (lowest they have afaik)
Provided that  your provider accepts it and propagates it.
Or you can ask them to set it for you.


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