Does anybody know if part of this enforcement involves STIR/SHAKEN?

Sean Donelan sean at
Fri Jul 22 23:00:45 UTC 2022

On Fri, 22 Jul 2022, Michael Thomas wrote:
> Basically the jist that it's fake auto warranty fraud calls. Or is this just 
> requiring providers to do the forensics whichever way to enforce this?

As always speak with your corporate attorney or a licensed attorney 
familar with communications law.

The FCC order is under the TRACED Act of 2019. The order doesn't depend on 
STIR/SHAKEN. The Traceback Consortium and providers use a variety of 
methods to identify the calls.

"By this Order, the Bureau directs all U.S.-based voice service providers 
to investigate promptly the apparently illegal robocall traffic 
identified in section II.A. above. We further direct all voice service 
providers that locate any of the apparently illegal robocall traffic
described in this Order to take immediate steps to effectively mitigate 
and prevent further transmission of the apparently unlawful calls."
"If the voice service provider concludes that the identified traffic was 
not illegal, the report must include an explanation as to why the provider 
has reasonably concluded that the identified calls were not illegal and 
what steps the voice service provider took to reach that conclusion."

The order is available

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