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Q. Marchi eof at google.com
Wed Jul 13 23:35:47 UTC 2022

Hey hey,

TL;DR;: Doing a survey, take it at https://forms.gle/NX7RuqNzyetfMTBw7

I'm a Systems Development Engineer for the Google Global Caching Operations
team and I'm currently conducting a very-short (2 question) survey
regarding rack choice, and preference. The responses that we receive will
help us identify any missing gaps in the hardware that we procure for use
in our partners' POPs, as well as how we design our lab spaces around what
the industry uses.

If you would like to help us with this, you can take the survey at
https://forms.gle/NX7RuqNzyetfMTBw7 . Responses to the survey are public,
and can be viewed after completing the survey.

A Google account is required to view the survey to prevent multiple
responses from a single individual, however the information is not visible
to me or anyone else with survey access. Since the survey is hosted on
Google Forms, Google's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service applies. You can
view both of them at https://policies.google.com/.

Thanks for your time,
Q., a Cat Distribution Node (CDN) Engineer





•  Q. Marchi

•  Systems Development Engineer

•  [email protected]

•  Preferred pronouns: he, him

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