John Levine johnl at iecc.com
Fri Jul 8 17:47:58 UTC 2022

It appears that Keith Medcalf <kmedcalf at dessus.com> said:
>Does anyone have contact information (or address for service of legal
>documents) for ICANN?  There web site does not appear to contain contact

If you really wish to send such a letter, I would send it by paper mail,
attn General Counsel.  Their address is on the web site.  But first ...

>ICANN apparently promulgates a policy which requires clickage on spam
>links in e-mail.  I intend to sue them for trillions of dollars for this

Could you give us some hints about the legal theory under which you believe
they are liable?  ICANN is incorporated in California so only laws that apply
in the US matter.


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