Annoyed at that change that ARIN made? (fwd: Only One Week Left for Submitting Nominations)

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Sat Jul 2 11:00:48 UTC 2022

NANOGers -

For those of you who occasionally express concern or dismay at various changes at ARIN to policies, fees, or operations, here is your opportunity to get more directly involved and have a front-row seat in our community-based governance!

ARIN is presently accepting nominations through 7:00 PM ET on Friday, 08 July 2022 to fill three seats on the Board of Trustees and five seats on the Advisory Council (AC)

Any interested folks should review the requirements detailed below and submit their application for be included on the respective candidate slate in the upcoming ARIN elections.

Best wishes,

John Curran
President and CEO
American Registry for Internet Numbers

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The deadline to submit nominations for the Board of Trustees, Advisory Council (AC), and NRO Number Council (NRO NC) elections is fast approaching, with nominations closing at 7:00 PM ET, Friday, 8 July.
Calls for Nominations continue to be open for:

  *   Board of Trustees and Advisory Council Self-Nominations
  *   NRO Number Council Nominations

Please review the announcements above to learn more about the nomination requirements and process details. If you are qualified and interested in playing a pivotal role within the ARIN community, be sure to either submit your own nomination or forward this email to someone you believe could contribute to ARIN's governance, Internet number resource policy development, or global policy! Nominations may be submitted at:

  *   Board of Trustees Nomination
  *   Advisory Council Nomination
  *   NRO Number Council Nomination

Nomination Requirements
In 2022, any individual may submit a self-nomination for a seat on either the Board or AC. For the NRO NC election, any individual may self-nominate or nominate one or more candidates. Association with a General Member organization is not required for any nominations.

To view requirements, expected qualifications, and responsibilities for these elected positions, please visit:

  *   Board of Trustees:  <>
  *   Advisory Council:  <>
  *   NRO NC:  <>

All nominees must confirm they do not violate the Nomination and Appointment Conflict of Interest Requirements found at:
Voting Contact Information
To be eligible to vote in ARIN Elections this Fall, each ARIN General Member organization must be in good standing and have a designated Voting Contact on record as of Monday, 5 September 2022.  (45 days before voting begins). Verify your organization's Voting Contact designation by logging in to your ARIN Online account or by emailing members at<mailto:members at>. To learn more about managing or changing Voting Contact information, visit:

For more information about ARIN Elections, the 2022 Election Calendar, or details of the process, please visit:

Thank you for your participation in ARIN Elections.


Jason Byrne
Senior Customer Success Analyst
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

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