Request to participate in 2-min study survey on IPv6 Adoption

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On Thu, Jan 27, 2022, 4:38 PM Smahena Amakran <smahenamakran at>

> For my studies, I am researching IPv6 adoption.

For your consideration, there's one thing that's always overlooked.

E.g. I've been talking once to a big employee of a large content provider,
and that person told me they don't enable IPv6 because doing otherwise
produces tons of comment spam.

The thing is, we have this spam problem. This is not really the
"information security issue" you've mentioned, this is just a glimpse of a
real issue.

IPv6 is now cheap as chips. It's very dirty therefore. All kinds of bots,
spammers, password brute force programs live in there, and it's
significantly harder to correlate and ditch these with the sparse IPv6
address space.

ISPs don't typically focus on these kinds of things but ISPs, speaking of
large ones, are also typically champions in IPv6 deployment.  It's usually
content providers who don't do their stuff.  And, as sad as it gets, it's
not getting away any time soon since it's there for a reason.


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