Telia is now Arelion

Saku Ytti saku at
Wed Jan 19 18:06:13 UTC 2022

Hey Justin,

> <sigh>
> Since all other work is now complete in the world I should have plenty of time to update documentation, billing, labels, port names, route-maps, contact email addresses, etc.
> After watching their marketing video I learned the pronunciation of Arelion is not R-Lion but is actually A-Ray-Lee-On but I may continue thinking of it as R-Lion because it is shorter and it just sounds cooler in my head.

I do appreciate the problems you have in updating the name, however
they didn't change this to spite you, they do not own the rights to
Telia name as a brand and had to change. I hope this brings you some
comfort in this difficult time.
Fun fact, Arelion is a slime covered corpse in WoW, and an existing
legal entity in a market twelve99 (which would have been a great name)
operates in.


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