What do you think about this airline vs 5G brouhaha?

Brandon Martin lists.nanog at monmotha.net
Wed Jan 19 06:19:53 UTC 2022

On 1/19/22 12:28 AM, Masataka Ohta wrote:
> Digital technology can not be useful when RF stage is saturated,
> which is why a patent to avoid saturation was essential for CDMA. 

Completely overloading the receiver frontend will of course render any 
kind of modulation or coding gain irrelevant, yes.

However, as long as your receiver still has adequate dynamic range to 
receive "everything that's there", effective gain via spread spectrum, 
FEC, etc. can be on the order of 20-30dB compared to a naive narrowband 
system operating at similar power when faced with a "jammer" within your 
RF receive mask, which is what I was getting at.

In this case, however, the system is basically a dumb radar, apparently, 
so none of that is going to be present. The fact that a signal 250MHz 
out of band can present meaningful issues is troubling nonetheless.

Brandon Martin

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