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Grant Taylor gtaylor at tnetconsulting.net
Tue Jan 18 19:44:15 UTC 2022

On 1/17/22 3:39 PM, Jordan wrote:
> One of these, the one originally used for DSL, would always go down 
> for both voice and data when the SLC lost power-- no DC, no dialtone, 
> no DSL, while the other two remained up.  Despite several claims of 
> a resolution, this was never properly fixed

I never had that specific problem.  But I occasionally had problems with 
repairs on B1s, a.k.a. "Life saving service" lines.  I had a couple of 
times that I had to threaten going to the Public Utilities Commission in 
the state for the ILEC's failure to repair a line.

I'll give the first failed repair gratis.  I make a comment when 
scheduling the second repair that they really need to fix it as I'd hate 
to have to report the failure to the PUC.  The third repair was more 
along the lines of "you fix this (now / on my time frame) or I am 
reporting this with full details to the PUC".  Thankfully I only had to 
report things to the PUC one time.

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