SOHO IPv6 switches

Nick Hilliard nick at
Tue Jan 18 11:49:08 UTC 2022

Sean Donelan wrote on 18/01/2022 11:28:
> The top two capabilities: 1) MLD snooping and 2) a simple way to keep
> IPv6 off certain ports (i.e. ancient 10/100 devices, which don't like
> it. controlling the multicast floods may also help them).

Most people don't use ipv6 multicast in anger (i.e. anything more than 
nd / bonjour / etc), so mld snooping isn't that important for small 

For proper device access control, you also need the ability for the 
switch to do ND/RA + DHCP snooping / filtering.  Otherwise you open 
yourself to rogue routers and/or address assignment.


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