SRv6 Capable NOS and Devices

Saku Ytti saku at
Mon Jan 17 08:10:56 UTC 2022

> Isn't the argument here that if it's in most chip sets already it might
> reasonably be expected to be a standard low end feature by now, along
> with IPv6?
> That it isn't may be why people are open to SRv6 (I'm assuming some are
> based on this discussion) - if they have to pay extra they only want to
> do so where they are generating revenue from it, the end points.

HW doing IPv6 does not imply HW being able to do SRv6. SRv6 is not
IPV6, SRv6 is MPLS embedded in (HW) complex way in EH.

Heck, EH is specified in such a way that no HW device is technically
IPv6 capable. What happens when you stack EH headers is question mark,
some devices revert to crawl (Nokia FP), some devices drop packet in
HW after it sees more than N ER (Juniper Trio). And how does that
imply devices capability to find L4 headers and honour ECMP, ACL, QOS
is a question mark.


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