home router battery backup

Mark Tinka mark at tinka.africa
Fri Jan 14 03:57:37 UTC 2022

On 1/13/22 17:38, Jay wrote:
> Greetings,
>    I am a home user.  Much of my home has been rewired to run off of 
> 12-volts D.C. from a large 1200 Amp/Hour LiFePO4 battery bank that is 
> recharged using Solar.  All my lighting, ceiling fans, water pump, Ham 
> radio gear, weather alert radio, USB charging stations, alarm system, 
> security cameras and DVR, my wife's CPAP machine, 40-inch flat screen 
> TV, ROKU streaming device, etc. all now run off 12 VDC.  High 
> consumption devices like stove, refrigerators, air conditioners, 
> furnace, still run on AC but get *much* of their power from a 5kw 
> Grid-Tied Solar array (Enphase IQ7 microinverters) which I hope to 
> soon add a battery backup to. There is also a whole-house 4kw backup 
> generator.  This is what is known as a "Hybrid" home :)
>    ALL of my servers, workstations, routers/hubs, WiFi, are also 
> converted to run on 12VDC from this battery/solar plant.  In many 
> cases it is just a matter of adding a DC-DC buck/booster regulator 
> that can be purchased on Amazon for ten bucks, or so.  These generally 
> take 8-40 volts input and will deliver whatever voltage output that 
> you desire.  Both my DSL and FTTH are powered this way.
>    It was mentioned that we need to address *reducing* our power 
> consumption in order to reduce our carbon footprint.  This ongoing 
> project has helped me to do just that and eliminate so many "power 
> suckers" and wall-warts from my home.
>    We consume around 150 watts on DC and generally around 600 watts on 
> AC (unless a freezer or air conditioner cycles on).  When the power 
> goes out, sometimes we don't immediately notice it!  I think I am 
> living inside a giant UPS, and more independance from the Grid is 
> refreshing.

This is amazing!

I couldn't possibly find the energy to convert any (never mind all) of 
my standard appliances to DC, but what you've done is very impressive, 
especially since you are talking about a house and not a boat!

Well done!


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