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Thu Jan 13 15:56:55 UTC 2022

On Thu, Jan 13, 2022 at 7:41 AM Jay <jjn at nuge.com> wrote:

>     We consume around 150 watts on DC and generally around 600 watts on AC
> (unless a freezer or air conditioner cycles on).  When the power goes out,
> sometimes we don't immediately notice it!  I think I am living inside a
> giant UPS, and more independance from the Grid is refreshing.


I bought one of those power monitors and tossed it on the circuit that goes
into my house.  At *night* when everything is off, I might get down as far
as ~800 watts.
During the day it's more like 2,000-3,500.  If I get the hat-trick (water
heater, central air, and well pump) running at the same time, I can get up
to ~24,000 watts.

The down-side...it's only monitoring the branch that leads to the house.
My office is on a separate branch.

My neighbor pays around $150 every two months on their power bill.
I pay just under ~$260 *every month*.

I definitely notice it when the power goes out.  The sound of UPS relays
and alarms is enough to wake the dead.

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