SRv6 Capable NOS and Devices

Saku Ytti saku at
Wed Jan 12 16:27:46 UTC 2022

On Wed, 12 Jan 2022 at 18:20, <aaron1 at> wrote:

> Like ytti (saku) mentioned, with SR/SPRING the IGP is finally carrying the Label/Sid, so we no longer need a label distribution mechanism running alongside the IGP (don't need LDP or RSVP).  And for SRv6 vice SR-MPLS, the SID is now the IPv6 address, and not the MPLS Label.  So we don't even need MPLS, but can accomplish network virtualization using a pure IPv6 core.  Reminds me of Cell Mode MPLS vs Frame Mode MPLS... whereas the ATM Cell header VPI/VCI was repurposed as the MPLS label, until we went with straight MPLS shim headers.

No SRv6 is MPLS labeling where label is carried inside IP instead
before the IP header. Layering violation which increases complexity
and cost for no other purpose except dishonest marketing about 'it is
IP, you already understand it, MPLS is hard'.


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