BGP Route Monitoring

Sandoiu Mihai Mihai.Sandoiu at
Thu Jan 6 10:34:36 UTC 2022


I am looking for a route monitoring product that does the following:
-checks if a specific bgp route from a specific neighbor is present the BGP table (in some vrf, not necessarily internet routed vrf) of an ASR9K running IOS XR
-sends a syslog message or an alarm if the route goes missing

The use case is the following: we are receiving same routes over 2 or more bgp peerings, due to best route we cannot really see at the moment if one of the routes ceased to be received over a certain peering.

Alternative approach: a product that measures the number of bgp received prefixes from a certain peer.

Do you know of such product that is readily available and does not require ssh sessions to the routers and parsing the outputs?
I am trying to find a solution that does not require much scripting or customization.

Many thanks.


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