Large prefix lists/sets on IOS-XR

Mark Tinka mark at
Mon Dec 12 14:29:19 UTC 2022

On 12/12/22 12:26, tim at wrote:

> That's a take on it I really hadn't considered.  I'm very aware that moving from a decade or two of legacy manual config to full data model/automation in a big bang is never going to work, but I'd been looking at what individual elements could be pulled out and automated with judicious use of "replace".  Never considered making the *entire* legacy config a starting point for the template, and then effectively working on automating replacing parts of that config file with data-driven versions of the same.
> Food for thought, thanks for that.


This is why when vendors come to market their new shiny 
NETCONF/YANG-based SDN thingie that will make my life easier, I sit back 
and smile :-).

Real life is very different from what we think "automation" should be. 
And as I mentioned on some list a year or two ago, "automation" means 
different things to different people. So rather than trying to box 
yourself into the word "automation", just find ways to make your life 
easier. Whether someone wants to call it automation or not, is 
irrelevant... well, until we can walk into a shop and buy Automation off 
the shelf.


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