the ipv4 vs ipv6 growth debate

Matt Corallo nanog at
Sun Dec 4 00:14:52 UTC 2022

It would be nice if IPvFoo showed the bytes and connection/request count. It's going to be a 
loonnggg time before we can do consumer internet browsing with no v4, until then it's about reducing 
cost of CGNAT with reduced packets/connections.

For twitter, the main site is v4, yea, but (Edgecast) and (Fastly) make 
up the vast majority of the bytes fetched on the site for me and are both v6 now. I don't recall 
when I last checked but they were still v4-only not too long ago.

The other end of it is v6-only servers that don't accept inbound connections. Thos have been 
hampered IME by github not serving git over v6. Supposedly it's coming soon but so much modern 
software fetches stuff from Github that that's a major blocker.


On 11/27/22 7:44 PM, Jorge Amodio wrote:
> I use the same extension on Chrome.
> I'm surprised that with all the recent hoopla about it, from the major social media platforms, 
> Twitter still shows serving their http site over IPv4, Facebook and LinkedIn show solid IPv6.
> -J
> On Sun, Nov 27, 2022 at 9:29 PM Dave Taht <dave.taht at <mailto:dave.taht at>> wrote:
>     I use a web plugin tool called ipvfoo to track my actual ipv4 vis ipv6
>     usage. I wish it worked over time. With very few exceptions I am still
>     regularly calling ipv4 addresses in most webpages. Has anyone done a
>     more organized study of say, the top 1 million, and how many still
>     require at least some ipv4 to exist, and those trends over time?
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