Experiences with commercial NOS vendors in white box space

Jeff Tantsura jefftant.ietf at gmail.com
Fri Dec 2 21:32:46 UTC 2022


BCM DNX ASICs don’t make a device a white-box, many commercial vendors programming it either completely or at least partially avoiding using BCM SDK, using DB’s in different ways, etc.
Looking at a choice of modern NOSes, Arrcus is a high performance,YANG programmable vertically integrated NOS built specifically (own HAL) on DNX.
OcNOS - haven’t touched it for a couple of years, never liked it (for aforementioned reasons and more).
RtBrick - another modern, highly scalable NOS using DNX, that also provides fully fledges BRAS.
I’ll CC CTOs of both companies so you could contact them p2p.

Hope this is helpful.


> On Nov 30, 2022, at 07:51, Graham Johnston <johnston.grahamj at gmail.com> wrote:
> Good day.
> I'm curious to hear from those with direct, hopefully in-production,
> experience in using a commercial network operating system vendor along
> with white box switches. I'm specifically looking for operators in the
> service provider space, rather than data center or enterprise. I'm
> largely focused on Jericho2/Qumran2 based devices, with what would
> likely be modest feature requirements. We currently use MPLS with RSVP
> to build automatic paths, but don't do anything specific for traffic
> engineering. Segment routing isn't a requirement for today. Currently
> use more traditional forms of MPLS services for customer L2 and L3
> VPNs, but are investigating a transition to EVPN. Automation is very
> much important to us, as are routing security features. Based on
> research, and use of vertically integrated Jericho-based switches, we
> aren't concerned about QoS as our needs aren't super complex. I guess
> I'm largely saying that we don't expect the ASIC to be the weak point
> in our use case, but rather the NOS or the nature of support from the
> vendor.
> I'm aware of IPInfusion and their OcNOS product, but the CLI and
> config syntax feels dated. I feel like I've been ruined by Cisco RPL,
> Juniper policy-statements, and Arista RCF and expect I would find
> wanting more than what route-map syntax has to offer. Can I accomplish
> the same complex routing policies via route-maps that I can with more
> modern solutions, and I'm just assuming it's limiting? Is it fair to
> say that even if I can achieve the same functionality, that route-maps
> are the poorer choice when it comes to the human interaction aspect?
> I know of Arrcus, but don't know much more than I can see on their
> website. Edge-core has an interesting reference in its Open Networking
> Solution Guide on their website in which they position Arrcus for core
> applications and IPInfusion for access and aggregation. All of which
> could be meaningless based on the varied definitions and expectations
> of what a core network is and does. Is it feature rich or just a set
> of fast LSR P-routers? The Edge-Cor guide also identifies Exaware and
> Capgemini, both of whom I know little about. Are there viable SP
> focused NOS vendors that I haven't touched on?
> Thanks in advance for any reply, be it on-list or off-list.
> Regards,
> Graham

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