Sites blocking ISP Addresses

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Pointing fingers is free. 

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To make matters worse, many sites use CDNs with Web Application Firewalls. 

The WAF is under control of the site, but many sites blindly implement the recommendations of the WAF provider. 

So this allows the site to blame the CDN because they blindly implement their recommendations, while the CDN states that they cannot fix it because the WAF configuration is under the control of their customer. 

This was a persistent problem when I was at Akamai and has not been solved there yet to the best of my knowledge. Virtually every other CDN/WAF provider works the same way in my experience. 


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Based on experience, all I can say is good luck. They do not respond to anyone. 


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Dear list, 

We have address ranges that are being blocked by sites like Ticketmaster. Customer support is able to assist, and unable to receive a response from legal or hostmaster emails. What are the recommendations for requesting a removal from the blocked list at these sites? 

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