Providing geofeed info to Google

Job Snijders job at
Tue Aug 30 19:48:47 UTC 2022

Dear Hugo,

On Tue, Aug 30, 2022 at 12:34:41PM -0700, Hugo Slabbert wrote:
> Google folks:
> I see historical reference to needing to use the Google Peering Portal (
> if you need to provide Google with geofeed info
> for GeoIP info on network blocks, ref
> Is that still the case?  Are there any avenues to provide Google with
> geofeed info if you're *not* currently peering with 15169? Or to get access
> to just the geofeed update portion of the Peering Portal?

(I don't work for Google), but ...

There is a RFC detailing how to find Geofeed data (and make Geofeed data

The idea is that in inetnum/inet6num objects (which are maintained by
the IP prefix holder), the holder can point to the location where
Geofeed data can be found.

There are a few methods:

1) Use the 'geofeed:' RPSL attribute (the RIPE Whois server supports
   this), example:

   $ whois -h | grep geofeed

2) A slightly uglier hack: stick a reference to the Geofeed location in
   a RPSL remark (should work in databases which don't (yet) support the
   'geofeed:' attribute), example:

   $ whois -h 2001:67c:208c::/48 | grep Geofeed
   remarks:        Geofeed

Kind regards,


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