Longest prepend( 255 times) as path found

Lincoln Dale ltd at interlink.com.au
Sat Aug 27 01:10:47 UTC 2022

> If I was running an edge device with a limited FIB, perhaps I might drop
> it to save memory. If I had beefier devices, perhaps I would just depref
> it.

Note that if said prefix either existed elsewhere with fewer prepends that
meant it 'won' bgp best-path selection, then it would not result in any
difference in the FIB.
The FIB is where the 'winning' prefixes go as fully-resolved things from
the RIB, but the RIB too would not have it, as an alternative won in BGP.
And even if you depref'd it in BGP, it would still be there in the
control-plane, consuming the same amount of RAM.

Reject it for excess prepends is likely the best choice.
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