U.S. Court PACER system overloaded by public interest

Niels Bakker niels=nanog at bakker.net
Fri Aug 26 18:41:26 UTC 2022

* amitchell at isipp.com (Anne Mitchell) [Fri 26 Aug 2022, 20:36 CEST]:
>For anyone wanting the document and unable to get it through Pacer, 
>we have it locally and I'm happy to make it available, just let me 

By now it's so widely available that even DuckDuckGo can find it for you.

Not readers of The Guardian, though; the newspaper posted a brief 
update on their website that read "The affidavit is now out. It is 
here." and linked to 
. (It's still there as I write this.)

	-- Niels.

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