Anyone here from Verizon keeping tabs on FiOS v6?

Tomas Jonsson tomas at
Thu Aug 25 20:38:40 UTC 2022

I couldn't really figure out why things where behaving so weird today 
until now when you mentioned this and I had a look and realized my 
firewall also picked up an ipv6 address with broken routing.
This is in the NJ area.


On 2022-08-25 15:31, Rob Foehl wrote:
> Maintenance outage last night, PD woke up shortly afterward and 
> collected a /56, no joy after that -- egress traffic gets where it's 
> going, ingress is dropped not far into 701.  Only visible covering 
> route is the 2600:4000::/24 aggregate, both externally and via 
> Verizon's looking glass.
> It looks like there are several reports of the same issue in other 
> areas over the last couple months, where those that work have covering 
> /36s advertised externally and the broken ones don't, e.g. no 
> 2600:4041:2000::/36 here.
> Happy to follow up off-list, if so inclined.  Thanks!
> -Rob

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