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> On Aug 23, 2022, at 7:33 PM, William Herrin <bill at> wrote:
> Hello,
> To folks at places like Google and Godaddy which have gotten, shall we
> say, overzealous about preventing spam from entering their systems,
> consider the risk:
> "Chesterfield County police said emails notifying Fairfax County
> Public Schools that an employee was arrested and charged with
> soliciting prostitution from a minor were not delivered to the school
> system."

..and for those who don't have access to the WashPo, that was in 2020, and he was just arrested again for repeat offending, and "Police arrested Thornton again and were surprised he was still employed by Fairfax County Public Schools." (Because of the email notification they had sent in 2020 which, of course, was never delivered, but the police didn't know that.)

This is one of the primary reasons that three of our data response codes that receiving systems get when querying the IADB DNSL (what senders know as "the Good Senders List") are:	Legally mandated email – email from this IP address consists entirely of communications that are required by law	Court-ordered email – email from this IP address consists entirely of communications that have been ordered by a court of law such as public notice of service or notifications of class action lawsuits to members of the class	Services the emergency alert or first-responder sector – email from this IP address consists of time-critical urgent or emergency communications

Of course, if the sender isn't certified with is - or the receiving system doesn't query us - that doesn't help, but we *are* trying hard to do our part.

We provide the IADB Good Senders email sender reputation certification list to inbox providers
around the world. 

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