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Or at the bare minimum, require a response. Just assuming the email went through and then blaming that for a pedo keeping their job for another year and a half is just bad on the officials side. With scams increasing, measures need to be in place. Unfortunately, several agencies seem to think that you should just trust anything that comes from their address but that's how we end up with email spoofing. The agencies need to ensure they have the right setup in place to avoid ending up in spam and also ensure they are following up in some form, especially when its to do with child safety.

- Jeremy

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100%. Also - there's no way to offer a delivery sla for email.  If you have something business critical, let alone anything that affects child safety, pick up a phone and call, or send an officer over to the school.

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Sorry about the bad examples, but I remember contacting both about issues with SPF multiple times.  They both have seemed have to fixed things at least searching my logs for the last week.  Most of my customers have had to whitelist them though for past issues. It's also<> for the NJ collection.  Point still stands, assume incompetence over malice.


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Not only that, did they even follow their own rules, I've been fighting with<>, the Pennsylvania train authority, and<>, the New Jersey transit toll collectors about invalid SPF records for years, and they literally don't give a shit.  If they say to put it in spam, well than that is their own fault.


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Without saying why the mail was blocked (dumb content filter looking for porn? a spamhaus listing because the police server was hacked? something else?) that's not going to help too much.

I've been spam filtering stuff at large providers since the late 90s and it never gets any easier to block 100% spam or let 100% legit mail through.


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To folks at places like Google and Godaddy which have gotten, shall we
say, overzealous about preventing spam from entering their systems,
consider the risk:

"Chesterfield County police said emails notifying Fairfax County
Public Schools that an employee was arrested and charged with
soliciting prostitution from a minor were not delivered to the school

Long story short, the pedo kept his school job another year and a half.

There was once a time when both the outbound emails and the bounce
messages when they failed... worked. It was a spammy place but the
important emails got through.

Bill Herrin

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