if you make the peace today i will call mr.obama

VOLKAN KIRIK volkirik at gmail.com
Sun Aug 21 02:50:45 UTC 2022

maybe they know that i am the really real god.

i have metatron at my back.


21.08.2022 05:46 tarihinde Jeremy Chequer yazdı:
> If you have beef with Cognet or HE why not just take it up with them 
> instead of involving the whole list in your spam every few days? You 
> rehashed a thread that hadn't seen any activity in 9 years and now 
> just keep spamming everyone trying to get your point across.
> Yes, it is annoying that Cognet and HE don't peer with each other. 
> You're not the only one who doesn't like it and Cognet has previously 
> cut off other peers as well based on their internal policies. If you 
> are a Cognet or HE customer, take it up with your Account Manager and 
> if they aren't willing to do anything than talk with your wallet and 
> take the business elsewhere if it is such a big issue for you.
> Spamming the list isn't going to result in any change, it is just 
> going to piss people off. Neither company is going to care about one 
> person complaining about it on a mailing list when both are bringing 
> on new customers daily.
> Re your trolling comment, if I was to hazard a guess and I am not a 
> moderator so not this is nothing but a guess, I'd say you have crossed 
> the line now and am hoping the moderators take action soon so that the 
> 10s of thousands who get these emails don't need to keep putting up 
> with your spam.
> Cheers
> Jeremy Chequer
> Chief Operating Officer
> Resolver Group | Check Networks
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> *Subject:* if you make the peace today i will call mr.obama
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> if you make the peace today i will call mr.obama
> i mean the biden. and shut down your operations both
> white house should call me immediately.
> ps. turkish translator is required.
> however i may correct him/her in case of bad translation
> isnt this list moderated or.. trolling allowed!??
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