cogent and henet not peering

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The problem them becomes *who* pays? When do the tables turn as to who pays? 

The alpha gets paid and the beta does the paying? 

The network with more POPs gets paid? 

The network with more downstream ASes gets paid? 

Is it the same for IPv4 as it is for IPv6? 

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this is 50/50 situation. nobody has to peer for free. 
but everyone can. 
lets just say above 1:1 ratio pays their own ip transit price to cogent for paid peering excess amount and both sides monitor traffic 
we can solve this issue by becoming middlemen worldwide... 
both operators are cheap and they could all compete in quality. 
level3 pays comcast reasonable (cheap) price (under NDA maybe?). why wouldnt mleber? 
but to make it fair, as becomes ww tier-1 operator day-by-day, lets just limit pricing to excess amount of traffic 
thanks for reading 
would appreciate your support 

19.08.2022 18:09 tarihinde Rubens Kuhl yazdı: 

OTOH, knowing that Cogent loves splitting the global Internet is one
good reason to not contract their services.
I think they sell traffic to their private Intranet. Which is huge,
but doesn't encompass the whole Internet.


On Fri, Aug 19, 2022 at 12:04 PM VOLKAN KIRIK <volkirik at> wrote: 
lets just say cogent gives 400GE in each pop they have in common with for free.

BUT they will rate-limit links to previous month's 95th percentile upload or download (which is minimum) rate (each month)

to make ratio 1:1... to make downstream and upstream traffics fair...



come on people,

segmentation is bad. 


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