cogent and henet not peering

VOLKAN KIRIK volkirik at
Fri Aug 19 15:06:53 UTC 2022

alternatively you can do this every 5 minutes..

you could write a script to get 5 minute average for both downstream and 

and then equalize by rate-limiting with 5 minute delay. it would be 
nearly instant and absolutely fair for both sides.

19.08.2022 18:03 tarihinde VOLKAN KIRIK yazdı:
> lets just say cogent gives 400GE in each pop they have in common with 
> for free.
> *BUT* they will rate-limit links *to* previous month's 95th 
> percentile upload or download (which is minimum) rate (*each month*)
> to make ratio 1:1... to make downstream and upstream traffics fair...
> okay?
> fine?
> come on people,
> segmentation is bad.
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