Proposals at ITU-T for Internet Evolution Raise Serious Concerns; According to ISOC

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It's short and worth a read though most anyone here can skip down
about 3/4 to the paragraph beginning with "First, Washington should
consolidate..." unless you really need an explanation of why DDoS is a
problem (not a complaint, their target audience might benefit.)

It's CFR, the "Council on Foreign Relations", that venerable
institution which is chock-a-block full of politicians etc many of
whose names you probably know (like former PMs, CEOs of firms like
Blackrock and the Carlyle Group), Angelina Jolie, Fareed Zakaria, etc.

They also publish "Foreign Affairs" which I subscribe to and is
worthwhile, only $40/year, six issues. You can probably pick an issue
up at a better magazine stand (e.g., one inside a bookstore like
Barnes & Noble.)

They provoke a lot of paranoia among the paranoid who are sure they're
the star chamber for George Soros or whatever the want to plug in, the
seat of the Illuminati (TM). I doubt it.


I always have this problem with such articles where my brain plugs in
"sidewalks" for "internet" like "thousands of people have been
murdered on sidewalks!", "criminals often use sidewalks to commit
nefarious financial crimes!", "when are we going to finally take the
problems of sidewalks seriously?!"

There's also a hard to miss "when will Washington do something!?" as
if it's entirely in the hands of the US tho admittedly the US may have
some influence. But such is CFR.

I could go on, I often do...

On August 11, 2022 at 18:09 jtk at (John Kristoff) wrote:
 > On Thu, 11 Aug 2022 18:33:20 -0400
 > bzs at wrote:
 > > (it's only 25 pages and you probably can skip to section 6, maybe look
 > > at section 5, the rest is mostly "what a network is" padding.)
 > On that note...
 > I found this the following to a reasonably pragmatic and thoughtful,
 > albeit US-centric, compilation of policy thinking that is not from the
 > usual communications world:
 >   <> 
 > I reached a couple weeks ago with my PC hat on to see if someone
 > representing that thinking would be interested in giving a presentation
 > at a future NANOG.  The contacts expressed at least a willingness to
 > find someone.
 > If anyone thinks it particularly worthwhile or not for me to press a bit
 > more, shoot me an email off line with your thoughts.
 > John

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