IPv6 internet broken, cogent/telia/hurricane not peering

August Yang ayang at august.tw
Thu Aug 11 14:01:05 UTC 2022

Think twice before asking the largest global IPv6 network as measured by 
prefixes announced to pay Cogent for peering.

Also what’s with Telia here?

Best regards
August Yang

On 2022-08-11 09:46, VOLKAN KIRIK wrote:
> hello
> nobody has to peer with some operator for free. they are simply
> trading internet services. they do not have to believe in FREE (as in
> price) internet connectivity.. if they peered you, you would decrease
> the price of the products even more and more...
> ask cogentco (as174) for paid peering. they will give you nice paid
> peering or ip transit offer that you can use for both ipv4 and ipv6.
> for example i would assume they would be OK charging he.net (as6939) 5
> usd cent per megabit.
> you need to understand that you are never going to become tier1
> without support from as174. they are currently cheapest and they are
> okay with dual homing too. think like united nations security council.
> you must think twice; are you gaining any profit by segmenting
> world-wide internet? or are you loosing prospective single-homing
> customers because you lack connectivity to as174 clients?
> we must think big. asking for a money is OKay while begging for FREE
> service is not... operating NOC and backbone has some expenses that
> henet wouldnt understand with their rented links. cogentco bear much
> more expenses than henet
> i am not here to insult henet but i honestly think that they are
> contemptible... just like google's peering decision makers.
> sir! if you have become big content/eyeball operator, doesnt mean that
> every operator in the industry have to respect your tier-1 policy and
> give you their services for free. thats the thing henet and google
> couldnt understand. think like UNSC and you will understand
> even USA can not do anything they want in the world, as RU has voting
> right, too.
> TL;DR; instead of crying here and begging for free service. send real
> representatives that could negotiate the money you would pay.
> bye

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