IoT - The end of the internet

Doug Barton dougb at
Wed Aug 10 22:53:55 UTC 2022

On 8/9/22 10:40 PM, bzs at wrote:
> Possibly interesting:
> This kind of idea came up w/in ICANN when they were first considering
> the idea of adding 1000+ new generic and internationalized TLDs. Will
> it cause a melt down?
> Money was allocated, studies and simulations were done, reports were
> tendered.
> The conclusion was: Not likely a problem in terms of stress on the DNS
> etc and that seems to have been correct even if there are other, more
> social, complaints.
> You could dig the studies up if you're interested, they should be on
> the ICANN site.
> But it's a reasonable approach to the question other than discovering
> some structural flaw like we'll run out of IP addresses. Not likely
> but just a "for instance" where we wouldn't need simulations to study.

I had the privilege of being part of that discussion in the early-mid 
2000's as IANA GM. Having come out of Yahoo! when it was still 
essentially the largest Internet company, I spent a lot of time 
explaining to folks that while it is important, the root DNS zone is 
still just a zone, and I had zones with tens of thousands of records in 
them at Yahoo! So you tell me how big you want the root zone to be, and 
I'll help scope the project for you.  :)

The studies and simulations were necessary in order to smooth the 
feathers of the non-technologists in the ICANN community, but we were 
just demonstrating what the technologists already knew.



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