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Oskar Borgqvist oskar at
Wed Aug 10 11:28:36 UTC 2022

Hi Nanog

We have tried to get peering with Google but only get answers that they are making their peering system better. I have received this answer for over 1 year.
The reason why we needed peering to Google is that they do not send out exact prefixes over IXP RS, which means that our traffic from Sweden down to Germany and up again to Sweden again.
This has created a bit of a problem for us.

If anyone could help us with this it would be appreciated. Or can give an explanation.

Since then, we have also tried to get peering with Microsoft without success.  We have tried to contact them via their peering email without success.  Would appreciate help here as well.

Oskar Borgqvist
Oskar Borgqvist
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