IoT - The end of the internet

Pascal Thubert (pthubert) pthubert at
Wed Aug 10 09:48:22 UTC 2022

Hello Saku

I do not share that view:

1) Thread uses 6LoWPAN so nodes are effectively IPv6 even though it doesn’t show in the air.

2) Wi-Sun is not Thread and it is already deployed by millions.

3) even LoRa (1.1.1) is going IPv6, using SCHC.



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> > On a more positive note, the IPv6 IoT can be seen as an experiment on
> how we can scale the internet another order of magnitude or 2 without
> taking the power or the spectrum consumption to the parallel levels.
> I think at least the next 20 years of IoT is thread (and wifi for high
> BW)+matter, and IoT devices won't have IP that is addressable even from
> the user LAN, you go via GW, none of which you configure.
> Some bits of if look unnecessarily forced perspective, like the
> addressing scheme, instead of inlining your role in PDU we use this
> cutesy addressing scheme looks like bit forced marketing of IPv6,
> doesn't seem necessary but also not really an important decision either
> way. Overall I think thread+matter are well designed and they make me
> quite optimistic of reasonable IoT outcomes.
> --
>   ++ytti

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